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LASIK Treatment Discover The Future in Vision Correction

Bring Your World into Focus With LASIK

Wondering what life would be like free of glasses or contact lenses? Then you owe it to yourself to consider LASIK. It is a comfortable, safe and effective outpatient procedure that corrects a wide range of vision problems. In many cases, it can dramatically improve your eyesight. Compared to other vision correction procedures, LASIK provides a number of very important advantages. Typically, there is little to no post-operative discomfort. Recovery is fast and complications are extremely rare. Your vision returns quickly, usually without the need for glasses or contacts. So, take the first step to better vision and schedule a complete LASIK evaluation today.

Understanding the most common vision conditions that can be corrected with LASIK.

Clear vision is the result of light passing through a perfectly shaped eye and focusing clearly on the retina. Abnormal focusing conditions of the eye are called refractive errors and consist of the following:

Nearsightedness. Nearsightedness occurs when the cornea is too curved. Light focuses before it reaches the retina, which causes distant objects to appear blurry.

Farsightedness. Farsightedness occurs when the cornea is too flat. This causes light to focus at a point beyond the retina, resulting in blurry close vision and sometimes blurry distance vision as well.

Astigmatism. Astigmatism occurs when the cornea is oval-shaped. When light passes through the cornea, it focuses in more than one place, which causes images near or far to appear blurred and distorted.

Over Two Million People have had LASIK.

What should you expect the day you have LASIK? The day you have LASIK you should relax, the procedure is relatively quick and will be over before you know it. Following the procedure, we recommend patients get a ride home and spend the rest of the day relaxing. Many patients will experience significantly improved vision immediately. Patients are given drops to use. Protective glasses are often provided for patients to wear during sleep for a prescribed period of time.

Are you a Good Candidate for LASIK?

The criteria for the ideal LASIK patient is requires you be over 18 years of age and have healthy corneas with a stable prescription. People with certain medical conditions or pregnant and nursing women may not be good candidates. Candidates should also have a good understanding of the risks and rewards associated with LASIK. The best way to find out if you are a good candidate is to arrange for a complete LASIK eye evaluation. You will know in minutes whether this procedure is right for you. During the evaluation we will answer any questions you may have and discuss your post-surgery expectations.

True or False: It can't get any better than 20/20

False – Custom LASIK is here.

Recently the FDA approved Custom LASIK, which can significantly change the outcomes of your LASIK procedure. Custom LASIK corrects for lower and higher order aberrations that affect how well and how much you can see, and not just your refractive error. Custom LASIK patients have a better possibility of seeing 20/20 or better, less occurrence of nighttime glare and halos, and a reduced chance of contract sensitivity (dim light conditions). Standard Optical uses one of two FDA approved lasers: VISX Wave Scan WaveFront VISX Star S4, and Bausch and Lomb Zyoptix System.

    Using a microkeratome, the surgeon creates a small protective flap of corneal tissue that is gently lifted back.
    The excimer laser applies a cool beam of light, which gently reshapes the cornea to correct your vision.
    The protective flap that was created in Step 1 is gently placed back in its original position and begins healing immediately.

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